Duff’s Wings

I’ve been to Buffalo, NY, a number of times mostly for shopping. However, I’ve never been to any Buffalo wings places for meals. This time I told myself I have to make an effort to take some time off in the shopping mall and try some Buffalo wings. Many reviews and blogs seemed to pick either Duff’s Wings or Anchor Bar as the original wings place. After flipping my coin, I’ve decided to bring my parents to Duff’s Wings.

Duff's Wings in Amherst, Buffalo

Duff’s Wings in Amherst, Buffalo

This place was located in Amherst and it was the first Duff’s Wings restaurant (twitter: Duffs_wings). It’s like any other college pubs, definitely not fancy at all. In fact I felt like I was in a cafeteria. However it didn’t keep customers and tourists from driving all the way to this small little town and try out the wings.

inside the restaurant

inside the pub

Even President Obama visited the restaurant before.

Even President Obama visited the pub before.

After almost 30 mins of waiting in line, we were finally given a table at 3pm. We’ve ordered its daily special #2 20 wings (10 medium hot, 10 medium light) + large fries + large pitcher of pop. Getting so hungry and excited, we quickly got a bite of the wings.

Duff's menu

Duff’s menu

We ordered Daily Special #2

We ordered Daily Special #2

cafeteria style service

cafeteria style service

the famous Buffalo Wings!

the famous Buffalo Wings!

And the taste? IT WAS SO SALTY AND SOUR!

My mom couldn’t stand it so much that I had to order a turkey burger for her instead. I kept thinking if it was a mistake that the wings were made that way. I asked the waitress and got her reply – the saltiness came from the sauce and they did not add any extra salt. I looked at other customers eating happily around me, puzzled.

So here it is, I’ve finally tried the authentic Buffalo wings in Buffalo, but I hated it. I couldn’t stand the saltiness and sourness. My brother, on the other hand, loved the leftover wings I brought from the restaurant. It’s all personal taste after all.

Final verdict: I would stick to my honey garlic wings from now on. So long, Duff’s Wings!

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