Jacobs & Co Steakhouse

There are a few high end steakhouses in Toronto.  Jacobs & Co Steakhouse (@jacobsandco) is definitely amongst the top. When my friends mentioned about this place for our pre-Chinese New Year celebration dinner, I was actually very excited, also frankly speaking, a bit concerned about the high cost. But there are places I’ve got to splurge and visit at least once in my culinary journey, so I quickly said yes after comforting my wallet.

Front Entrance with valet parking

Unfortunately we started off with a little mishap in that evening. The restaurant could not find our reservation when we arrived and it was a full house (even on a long weekend Monday). The manager was quick to react and managed to arrange for us a table that’s at the far corner right beside the washrooms on the second floor. We didn’t want to look for another restaurant at that time so we gladly accepted it.

classy setting

The restaurant has a very elegant and classy decor. Everything was well organized and nicely presented. There was an in-house dry-aging room for the beef, as well as a large wine cellar. There was also a shellfish bar for those who would like to have a few oysters for appetizers.

dry aging room

wine cellar

oyster selections

We were told the menus changed daily. Take a look at the menu on February 16.

our choice of wine

The Yorkshire Puddings came out huge and fluffy. I only had a few bites as I was worried about being too full afterwards. My friend said it wasn’t buttery enough. For me, I rarely tried this type of bread so I can’t say too much about it.

Yorkshire Puddings

We have ordered three orders of Jacobs Caesar salad to be shared amongst the five of us. These salads were prepared table side. It was a pleasure watching it being made, and of course, the taste was excellent. I normally don’t like Caesar salad as I find the dressing too heavy. However the salad I had at Jacobs was just right on.

Our server was preparing the Caesar salad right in front of us

Jacob’s  Caesar Salad ($18.00)

There were three side dishes we ordered and shared: Sautéed Spinach (white wine, garlic, citrus), Stuffed Baked Potato (bacon, sour cream, cheddar), and Sweet Potato Fries. For some reason the sautéed spinach was on a bitter side. The stuffed baked potato was huge and delicious. Sweet potato fries were a bit over-fried but were still acceptable.

sauteed spinach ($12.00)

stuffed baked potato ($14.00)

sweet potato fries ($16.00)

Various condiments were presented to us as well for our steaks.

various sea salts

trio of sauces: Japanese ponzu, bacon & blue cheese, chimichurri

Now, the main dishes came — STEAK! We weren’t quite sure what to order as there were just too many choices. The server explained to us that the difference between USDA Prime Black Angus steak aged 45 days and 60 days was that steak aged 60 days would have a more concentrated, buttery flavor and also more tender. For the five of us, we ended up ordering two 18-oz bone-in striploin aged 60 days, one 18-oz bone-in striploin aged 45 days, and one 6-oz wagyu tenderloin from Snake River Farms.

18-oz bone-in USDA Prime Black Angus striploin aged 60 days ($81.00)

6-oz wagyu tenderloin ($84.00)

The steaks looked very tender and delicious. My friend especially liked her wagyu tenderloin. Unfortunately for the rest of us, our striploins didn’t deliver the top quality promises as we were so hoping for. Both the 45-day and 60-day steaks were not tender at all. They were still juicy, but cartilages inside the meat made them quite chewy. The cast-iron pans did not come out sizzling hot, and the steak turned cold and greasy when we were still halfway through eating. Very disappointing!

a slice of the 18-oz striploin aged 60-days

We didn’t end up ordering any desserts as our high hopes for our steaks were quite ruined. Sadly, the cappuccino and coffee were bitter as well. Seriously we could have gotten much better coffee at any local coffee shops.

my cup of cappuccino

each of us was given a chocolate chip muffin to bring home as a small token

Overall, service was excellent, as expected, in such a high end restaurant. We really wished it was an off night for Jacobs & Co, as we just could not compare our experiences with many other highly raved reviews out there. Would I be back again? I don’t think so, at least not within few months. May be one day I feel like super splurging or someone treats me for a real special occasional dinner, I will revisit this steakhouse again, hoping by then I would be wowed. For now, so long, Jacobs.

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Woodenheads Gourmet Pizza (Kingston)

I love eating thin rustic Neapolitan pizza. My favourite one in Toronto has always been Pizzeria Libretto on Ossington. On my first dinner in Kingston, my friend Cynthia highly recommended Woodenheads Gourmet Pizza, since she and her family loved this place and it’s also one of the most popular restaurants in the area.


Woodenheads Gourmet Pizza (Twitter: @Woodenheads) is located at Kingston’s waterfront, close to the Kingston City Hall. It’s where all the actions and events are happening during summer weekends. Atmosphere is young and vibrant, good for families and dates. Tables are quite close together so noise level can be high at times. Reservations are highly recommended especially if you want to visit this place during weekends.


Woodenheads offers a two page menu with lots of options. First page lists dishes such as tapas, appetizers, salads, and focaccia breads. The next page is an extensive selection of gourmet pizzas based on sauces – tomato, white, or green, or in between. There is also the “Jack’s Choice” for customers to build their own pizza.


If that’s not enough, they also offer a daily special menu up on the wall.


daily special


Customers can watch their pizzas being prepared fresh and cooked in the wood fire oven in an open kitchen.

We decided to each get our own pizza for dinner. I had a hard time deciding what I should get while studying the menu, while Cynthia and her family, who were regular customers, had quickly picked out their favourite toppings.


Citta (pomodoro sauce, brie, caramelized onion, prosciutto, fresh basil)


Jack’s Choice (tomato sauce, mozzarella, artichoke hearts and portabello mushrooms)


Another Jack’s Choice with blackened chicken

I finally decided upon one of the popular choices, Citta, on the menu and I really liked it! The sweetness of brie and caramelized onion really stood out, while prosciutto gave slight saltiness to the pizza but not overpowering. Crust was a bit thicker than I would usually prefer, but it was light and soft. I had not tried the other pizzas but heard great things from my friend. We weren’t big eaters so we ended up bringing the leftovers to the beach the next day. Surprisingly they still tasted good even when they were left inside a cooler!

Woodenheads definitely deserves to be one of the best pizza places in Kingston. I would say it’s even one of the best pizza places I have been so far in Ontario! I would definitely recommend anyone to come and visit this awesome restaurant while in Kingston. 🙂

Wooden Heads Gourmet Pizza on Urbanspoon

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Harper’s Burger Bar (Kingston)

Last week I was on my road trip to visit my childhood friend, Cynthia, who moved to Kingston a couple of years ago. As much as I kept telling her I would visit, I could never find a perfect summer weekend to drive up there. Finally I picked up my car key and off to visit this little old city.

Kingston is indeed quite small and cozy. People seem to enjoy their lives more than those in Toronto. To my surprise this city also houses some tasty local food joints. Harper’s Burger Bar is definitely one of them!


Harper’s Burger Bar (Twitter: @HarpersBurgers), a sister restaurant to Le Chien Noir Bistro, Atomica Gourmet Pizza and Wine Bar and Dianne’s Fishbar, competes with several burger joints such as the Works Burger and Five Guys Burger, which also base its home in Kingston downtown. It has a casual and friendly atmosphere, with 4 flat screen TV’s showing various shows at the same time and a huge menu written on the wall at the back. We went for our late lunch on that day so it was fairly quiet. At prime time it is often packed with students and families.



When I first looked at the menu, I was a bit overwhelmed by its choices. There were so many styles to choose from ~ patty, bun, sauce, condiment, sides. There was also a BYOB (build your own burger) option for those who want to have total control of their tastes. Our friendly server suggested me a couple of the most popular choices, and I ended up picking a beef burger on a whole wheat bun in “Umami” style – brie, balsamic candied onions, soya glazed mushrooms, white truffle aioli.

Umami Burger – brie, balsamic candied onions, soya glazed mushrooms, white truffle aioli

“Umami” Burger with fries – brie, balsamic candied onions, soya glazed mushrooms, white truffle aioli

The burger came out very hot, and it was so delicious! I really liked the fresh ingredients as well as the sweetness in the candied onions and white truffle aioli. The 6-oz burger was juicy and it was definitely much bigger than it looked. It was so thick that it was pretty messy to eat.

Too bad I was already full after finishing the burger so I couldn’t try their shakes and floats (OMG, boozy floats too!) There was also a long cocktail, beer and wine list which I hope I would come back to try next time when I visit Kingston again. 🙂

Bravo, Harper’s!

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